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Marketing Toolkit

Marketing Toolkit

Create logical reasons to easily keep-in-touch with your 3 Key Lists, update your website, attract more internet followers, and improve SEO...inexpensively.

New marketing resources are added every month to go with the 200+ resources already included in the Toolkit. These tools make marketing efforts easier and more consistent, and all at a tremendous bargain, less than $17/month.

This Month's Additions Include

Caregiver Tip:  "Make Things Easier...With Arthritis"   •   Newsette:  "Dealing With Arthritis"
Niche:  Arthritis Program Recommendations   •   Royalty-Free Photos & Video Embed Links
Strategy & Content For E-mails & Posts

Senior Care Marketing

Keep-In-Touch Videos Websites / Marketing Systems Activity Scrapbook Caregiver Tips SEO

Are You Keeping In Touch...Enough?

If you keep-in-touch with more people, will you increase your assisted living move-ins and senior care clients? Absolutely. However, this is often a struggle to do for care providers of all sizes for a variety of reasons. Our systems consistently position you as a valuable resource and share your expertise more people...without being a nag. And we make the process easy and fun.

What We Do For You

  • Website Marketing System - Turn your website into a more valuable tool filled with strategy and new content that makes it easier for your care to be found, valued, followed, shared and chosen more often.
  • Effective Keep-In-Touch Program - For many strategic reasons, you must keep-in-touch with consistency and continuity. We "logically" keep you in contact with your 3 Key Lists in ways that highlight your care and share your expertise.
  • Reality-Based Marketing - We use your strength (great care) to strategically plan, inform your target markets, and drive the buying/selling process. (People prefer to see, hear and feel your passion, before they even call you.)
  • New, Interesting Content - We help you to better share your experience and expertise in ways that are remembered, valued, shared and recommended.
    • Activity Scrapbook - Keep people aware of what you do and what's new.
    • Caregiver Tip - Share your expertise and build trust in the care you provide.
    • Videos - Emotional (and inexpensive) way for people meet you and your staff...and discover what drives you to serve the seniors in your care.
    • Newsettes - One page, one topic newsletters on issues important to seniors and their family members.

Senior Care Marketing Services

Call today to learn about turning your great senior care into readily accessible (emotional) experiences people notice, talk about and easily share with others.


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Don't waste time waiting and hoping for different results...or paying high referral agency fees. Build your own pipeline of new residents and clients.

Assisted Living Marketing - Services & Solutions

Watch Strategy Video

Here is a video that explains our basic strategy for increasing your new clients and move-ins.

Why Choose Us

Just like our company name says, we care about improving your ability to attract new residents/clients. You will really like our marketing systems and services because they:

  • Are designed specifically for senior care providers and the situations you face.
  • Make the marketing process so much easier for you and your staff.
  • No interruptions. We provide consistency and continuity.
  • Attract more seniors and their families, build trust, and lead to being chosen more often.
  • Do the math. New revenue easily pays for our services.
  • Attracting new move-ins directly eliminates referral agency fees.

So let's team up to improve your occupancy and increase your new clients. Just give us a call at:

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